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Game Update 1.29 POSTED ON 12/14/11 16:00 Game Update 1.29

Game Update 1.29POSTED ON 12/14/11 16:00Game Update 1.29
To install this update, start your game and use the tab "Updates" in the launcher.This game update includes the following changes:
Updates for PetsYou will be notified that your pet may not have the lasting rewards and immunity machine while vomiting.Sound effects by hitting the wall now play correctly.The camera will now correctly display the entire body of the pet when the random selection is being used to switch between small and large body dog ​​in Create a Critter.Several translation errors, typos and general text errors have been fixed.The pre-established standards for a saddle adult were fixed.The option to disable Autonomy for Selected Yes now continues through multiple play sessions.The text of Memoirs of a dying bird no longer refers to the dead Yes.Find Presa The interaction is now available on the floor and the cat.Chased Postman is now correctly set to a memory.The interaction Riding Lesson Watch now displays the correct icon.The desire to pursue anyone now displays the correct icon.The desire Give First Kiss now properly displays the icon.The Granola horse can no longer be sold in grocery.The desire to read a book about riding now displays the correct icon.Several animations were added traces of Children.The problem encountered when players access the Main Menu when the horse is jumping an obstacle has been fixed.The issue where Sims Off dismounted and took the saddle of the horse without having been fixed.The failure of route Riding around or take a walk with a horse was significantly reduced.The problem that prevent you from changing the category of clothing to Create a Yes Yes was fixed.When The Sims 3 Ambitions is installed, the Hall will be correctly placed when a new game was started in Plains Appaloosa.The dogs will take no longer to wake up from sleep.Now it will be easier to tell when there is no food in the tree Birds and the bird is hungry.The interaction "Call Pets' now work properly when your Sim is in a Community Lot.The Pet Young Potion can now be used again in other Sims Lots and Community Lots.Young Adults will not receive more memory transition age for an adult when a puppy, kitten or foal becomes an adult.When using the Fire, Sims can no longer cook and eat horse fertilizer.The problem for pets adopted from appearing when the life expectancy of Yes was selected was fixed.Cats do not run more autonomously in whole walls or windows, like doors.Problems caused by pass route with a dog over the bridge from Bridgeport (in The Sims 3 Late Night) were fixed.The issue that the Unicorns did lose their special powers when the trick was repaired keep everyone happy.When changing a core with a horse for the lot at Alameda Memorial, 1557, in Bridgeport (The Sims 3 Late Night), the horse will no longer be stuck on the lot.The hooves of the Unicorn is stirred more smoothly during the ride when the game is on speed 3.The problem was that two pets stick when they were eating the same junk on the floor was repaired.Children can no longer pick up fleas.Memories of missing Sims and Unicorns were rescued.The interaction "Sniff" can now be used with celebrities when The Sims 3 Late Night is installed.Sims that do not have dogs will no longer receive "Your dog wants to go to the park."Puppies can now learn all the tricks that did not inherit from their parents.The game will no longer be on the loading screen when the player leaves the Create a Sim and select the Options Menu> Main Menu before the loading screen appears.Sims can now lead horses through gates.Sims can no longer spread hay bales of hay that are being used to Oba-Oba.The routing problem for Sims that was caused when planning a route in the space between a Yes and a horse using the interaction "Guide Horse" has been fixed.Your Sim can no longer offer horses from other Sims to cross or as a stallion.Sims will now receive a card to get to Level 10 Riding Skill.Sims will no longer be invisible when you ride a horse during locomotion to another core.The garbage cans are not returned to the place when two dogs using the interaction "Tip" at the same time.Adopted Pets will no longer be delivered when there is a fire on his lot.The error was restarted when the Sims caught a dead fish in an aquarium has been fixed.The bug that Sims used to be restarted when the interaction "Check Week Events" has been fixed.The error was restarted when the Sims tried to put a unicorn in a stable and at the same time, sent the animal back to being wild was repaired.Several routing problems that involve horses jumping hurdles have been fixed.Icons and Proper Riding Skills Racing were added to the wishes and messages involving those skills.Port-restricted according to sex will not prevent more than the pets from entering the room.The pets will no longer have the modifier Fatigue training when they reach the maximum level of skill.Pets will no longer appear as targets when the interaction "Drink To Take ..." is selected.The images of pets in the catalogs Adopt Pets have improved visual quality.The motivating power of a horse if the horse will grow faint.The Sims pets not controlled by the player now return to their core at night.Objects can no longer be placed on the upper walls with large barn doors.Now you will receive a warning message when a cat with hunting skills can not find the type of prey selected by the player.Some problems involving pets for adoption in the neighborhood and move / merge branches were repaired.Big dogs will no longer be stuck on a platform when they are between the tip and another object.Now the dogs walk properly for the position when they eat a dish that is on the floor of a YesThe problem that caused the birds tree birds appear incorrectly has been fixed.Big Bird will now be displayed in balloons when using types of speech and reactions.Icons Cat Dancer wall were increased to match the size and quality of the icons of other objects.Horses do not disappear when they are more directed to a stable output when they are at the gate.Foals in a stable interaction can now "to snort" seamless route.Newborn foals will not be disproportionate or more tags placed in strange places when they were born.The problem of ghost horses do not disappear after some time has been fixed.Cats do not do more interaction "Scratching" in a gnome who was kicked.The problem was that birds disappear in the interaction "Load".Approached freezing when players move to adopt a core vision of the neighborhood.Designers do not get more jobs pets.Updates to the GenerationsA failure when the Seniors animation using a cane sitting interact with Sims was repaired.The Lasting Rewards Heart of Stone and No Jealousy prevent social interaction now be charged with treason against the use of Yes with these rewards.Imaginary friends are no longer visible on the panel after being presented relationships.Additional corrections of bugs and tweaks to existing features.Updates to the Late NightAdditional corrections of bugs and tweaks to existing features.Updates to the AmbitionsThe ratio 1366x768 screen is now correctly listed in Options.Additional corrections of bugs and tweaks to existing features.Updates to the Around the WorldThe problem that did Sims become invisible when they left their holiday has been fixed.Additional corrections of bugs and tweaks to existing features.Updates to the Game Basics The problem that caused new Mood Modifiers of stored objects were broken after installed has been fixed.The charts are appropriate when fish are caught without the Pets installed.Additional corrections of bugs and tweaks to existing features.Updates to the StoreA problem that caused the man to be arrested after seizure-uninstall certain contents of the store has been fixed.The issue in which the shell does not work with the magic cauldron has been fixed.Before installing an update for The Sims 3, an Expansion Pack and a Stuff is important to follow the list of precautions below to ensure your game continues to function properly.If you have any questions about these steps, visit the Technical Support forum for the community official Sims 3 at the following address: http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/forums/show/10.pageStep 1: Disable Custom ContentCustom Content is any content from The Sims that is not originating from an official update for The Sims 3, The Sims 3 Store, an expansion pack or a Collection of Objects. Custom Content is created by Third Party Developers who are not supervised by Electronic Arts or the Development Team and The Sims 3 may not be compatible with the latest updates. Custom Content can cause the game to behave unexpectedly or who simply do not work.To disable your custom content, undo what you've done to install it in order to get your game back to its original state. If you entered this content in a folder of The Sims 3, move it to another, separate files from The Sims 3. The folder of The Sims 3 can be found in the following ways:Windows File Directory: C: \ Documents and Settings \ USER \ My Documents \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 3Files folder on the Mac: User / Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims /After you have installed the official update, you can reactivate your custom content. If you have problems, disable it again until your developer to update the content to work with the official update, with expansion pack or the Stuff.Step 2: Make a backup of your saved game fileIt's always a good precaution to make a backup (backup) of your saved game files before you install the expansion pack, the Update or Stuff. To do this, copy the folders "." Sims3 "", which can be found in the "" Saves "" in your desktop or another folder.The folder "" Saves "" The Sims 3 can be found in the following ways:Files folder on Windows: My Documents \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 3 \ SavesFiles folder on the Mac: User / Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims / SavesAfter the update has been installed, run the game to see if their saved games still work.
Step 3: Let the update is applied FullySometimes, the updates may contain heavy downloads and take some time to be completely installed. Cancel the update before it is completed may cause unexpected problems, so it is always best to let her finish. Do not close the launcher until you have confirmed the complete installation of the update, otherwise it will be canceled.

[JS SIMS 3] Merry Christmas!! Special Christmas Set For You

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New Year Set (2011) to Melinda-shopping

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TOMEO \ sim by IMHO

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