25 setembro 2009

sims 3 - moderno sala

Update Akizima

Wave Gown Dress


Green Flora Dining Room New meshes Recolors


Decorative Honey Beehive Recolors

http://www.toolregame.com/forums/thread-564.htmlRecolors of the decorative Honey Beehive 

Cherry Earrings - New Mesh

Cherry Earring is accessories and it is a New Mesh. This earrings are based on glasses. It doesn't override default game glasses. 


BY Melcaramel

Fashion Hat for Sims Ladies!

his hat is accessories and it is based on glasses. It doesn't override default game glasses.
You'll find it in Accessories category. Since it is an accessories, you can wear it with any hairs


Wave Gown Dress - 15 Recolors

There are recolors with custom patterns by me of Wave Gown Dress - custom mesh


Functional Tea Set Recolors

Several recolors of functional Tea Set with custom pattern by me and game pattern

Baby Pram - New Mesh

New Mesh

By     Melcaramel

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